Monday, 17 September 2007

You May Kiss The Bride

One of the main reasons that I push myself to complete an Illustration Friday most weeks is that subjects are regularly far removed from what I would choose for myself.

Of course this is great because is broadens my scope and challenges me to attempt difficult subject matter like... weddings.

I'll be honest, I struggled a bit with this one. It's so difficult not to jump head first into "the ball and chain" or a "hearts and doves" kind of approach. I know my own image is hardly a giant leap from these things and I initially tried to go down a darker route. The trouble with that is if it's not genuine, then it will come off as insincere. I don't have any hang ups with marriage or weddings so why push yourself to create some?

I guess what I really saying with this image is that sometimes at weddings the groom is running to catch up with events. Sometimes he isn't that fussed about flowers or cakes or photographs. Sometimes all he wants is the quiet life. Sometimes he wishes he could have a quickie ceremony and head off on holiday.

Oh yeah, that's why people go to Vegas.