Sunday, 23 September 2007


Another tough one from IF, ...or is it tough? I think it is if you want to stay away from traditional subjects, as is pretty much always my want, like a jester juggling or getting hit by balls or juggling "elements of your life". Not that any of these ideas are in any way unworthy! In fact I've gone for one of these, juggling people in you life with one hand (People can be tough too).

I think I spend a lot of the "idea time" section of my process trying to push out the hardest, most clever, most obtuse idea I can come up with... and then end up realising that those ideas are so far removed, or about such a small part of the theme that they are pretty much no longer relevant.

I also often think that the idea is the thing we should strive for but the execution, the thing that can fall behind in prominence, should never be overlooked in almost it's ultimate importance. A great image, with no idea at all, can stand entirely alone. For some reason, it's real easy to forget that.

This sketch is tiny, approx. 28 x 35mm (about and inch by an inch and a half). I love the bold lines and the paper texture that come out when you blow up a sketch this size. Hmmm... another thing to play with!