Monday, 10 September 2007


Momentum, eh? How's about if there was a bunch of guys, standing on each others shoulders. Perhaps they are practicing a circus act, or maybe they want to ensure they get on TV at a music festival. So they're all standing on each other's shoulders, and Johnny got his foot in Davey's arse and Phil's mobile phone's ringing and everyone suddenly notices that the tower of people is shaking, a little, a little harder, a lot harder and oh, we're falling.

There's a metaphor in there somewhere...

See there's the other thing. I've never posted an image this long and thin before. However, that's how I drew it and so I don't have a lot of choice with the posting! I suppose I could mess around with it in Photoshop and actually, thinking about it, maybe space around the image would assist the feeling of unstability. Of course there's the third issue that it looks bloomin' stoopid if the text doesn't fill the whole of the right hand side of the image. That's why I'm writing all this rubbish to fill up space. Thanks for reading this far, to be blunt, I'm impressed at your stamina!

So I could have saved the situation. With 10 or so minutes tweeking. But instead I decided to crash and burn. Yup. Livin' on the edge, that's me! Sorry. I'll do better next time. I have some other nice stuff I just scanned! Promise! There's even a drawing of an F.B.I. Agent! Yeah! You like that, don't you!

Hey, where you going...?