Monday, 29 November 2010

IMD: Acheron hub

"Acheron hub" splash page from "The Ionmonger's Daughter". Line art in Manga Studio, colour in Photoshop.

Apologies for the lack of weekly posting but I have been very busy with work that, due to pesky non disclosure agreements, I can't show until they are published. In the meantime I thought I'd post another image from the new project I'm working on, "The Ionmonger's Daughter". This is a street scene from a spaceport/market/city called "Acheron hub".
Have a great week!

Monday, 8 November 2010

The Ionmonger's Daughter

Page art detail from "The Ionmonger's Daughter" written by Matt Gibbs. Line art in Manga Studio, colour in Photoshop.

In between all the other things I'm involved in, I've been drawing some bits and pieces for a new graphic novel project, The Ionmonger's Daughter, written by the fantastic Matt Gibbs. More details to follow soon.

Have a great week!