Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Two Faced

A good enough IF theme for "multiple" me thinks!

When schmoozing in business, it's hard to know who's trying to shake your hand and who's trying to rip your arm off and sell it back to you...

Junk Food

I used to write a lot about the images I post, mainly because I was doing it at work and got paid for the time I spent composing little wittisims to accompany my images. Now, writing time takes up image making money time, something that I really need to crack on with right about... now!

This image called "Junk Food" is about the pheeeenoooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeeenon known as "Junk Food". It's pretty deep, though perhaps not as deep as this guy's stomach.

Back to work now.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

For Sale

Fun little commercial thing.

Me likey!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Coming Clean

For those who visit regularly, firstly thank you! Secondly you may have noticed a shift in style over the last few weeks.

Now the truth of the matter is yes, I have changed my style. I've been reading up on branding a lot lately and as just Illustration will hopefully soon be my bread and butter I must develop, nurture and cultivate a distinct and reliable style to go selling around town. I felt all the black and white scribbly stuff, although fun to do, just wasn't cutting the mustard commercially.

This new colourful gradient heavy work I'm super duper totally almost maybe happily satisfied with! You may think that's a little flakey but for me with my artwork, well that's like signed, sealed and delivered! I think the main thing about it is that the effort I've been putting in shows in the quality. Each of these last few images have been essentially 2 day exercises from sketch to finished artwork. I trace in Flash and then tweak and gradient in Illustrator. Someone asked me recently "Why? Why not just do everything in Illustrator?" Answer is Illustrator is a cold and tetchy application to draw from scratch in. I don't put in all the elements in my sketch and I need an organic feeling method to make additions with. It's a quirk I know, but it's my quirk and I'm sticking with it!

Right, the only problem now is trying to put a whole portfolio of this kind of work together! I'm up to 3 finished awesome things... so like, 17 to go? Now, that's 34 working days... so... say if I don't sleep....

Stay tuned for more finished pieces! Once I can come up with some new ideas that is...

Sunday, 17 February 2008

A New Theory

So I was complaining the other day about how I didn't think my images were looking "finished" enough. The missus, obviously getting fed up with me, told me to (no, not take a long walk off a short pier);

"Look! Just go round the image and add two pieces of detail to everything."

Yes boss!

Unusually for me I've also included my rough from my sketchbook. What else... well... the sun is shining here in London and there's so much drawing time left in the day so I'm one happy bunny!

Monday, 11 February 2008

I Choose You!

Yes! You are chosen to come in from the wilderness! All of your dreams will come true and all your prayers have been answered! You will be rich, famous and...

Ring ring... ring ring... ring ring...

Zzzzzzzz...hmmmm? What? What do you mean it's 7am already? I was having the best dream!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Back From Cape Town

Hey, hey, I'm back!

Been away a couple weeks in sunny South Africa seeing all my lovely in-laws which explains my lack of posting.

This image is one of many sketchbook pages drawn whilst over there. This wasn't supposed to be a political commentary on SA, it was just a fun scribble in my moleskine, but as I was scanning it I realised it may possibly might just be some kinda unconcious comment on the situation there! Great place, great people but plenty concerns for the present and the future.