Sunday, 25 May 2008


I would guess, oh I don't know maybe... 68% of producing an image for me is pure white hot worry. The remaining percentage being fear, hope, indecision and finally, ill advised contented pride.

That ill advised contented pride then lasts for about a week or so. I then flick through my drawings, turn the pages of my sketchbooks late into the night, questioning myself, second guessing everything until that gravelly, grating voice begins whispering gently in the back of my mind.

"Burn them. You suck."

"But my flat has no fireplace? I know I have dedicated vast swathes of time to questionable artwork but should everyone else in this block suffer too?"

"Yes. They are wheat to your chaff, fuel to your rage. Your incredible waste of space, your gross incompetence, your perfect pointlessness has condemned them all."

"Really, I didn't know... say is this drawing of a happy cat that bad?"

"Your eyes are clouded, blinded by your pride and arrogance. See the cat's face? I thought it was a mongoose. And I don't even know what a mongoose looks like. We demons are never sent pictures of God's most holiest creatures."

"The mongoose is the holiest of all creatures?"

"Did I say that? Do you listen to anything? I said it was one of God's most holy creatures. No wonder you tuned out all those people chanting "You suck!"

"What people?"

"Open the front door"

"Ok... Oh? Hey! Wow, there sure are a lot of you. Is that Carl from accounts at the back there? How you doing?! Anyone for coffee?"

Some time later...

"Good coffee, Reeko. Maybe we wouldn't have assembled the mob if we'd known."

"Yeah I do make good coffee. So would anyone like to hear one of my post-emo folk ballads?"

Saturday, 17 May 2008


Living in a lower ground floor subterranean hobbit hole in London's unfashionable Shepherds Bush leaves us no room for dogs, wide or otherwise. This is something that causes me, and more specifically the missus, a great amount of pain and results in us chasing dogs around local parks, squealing, trying to pet, hug and kiss them.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go bail the missus out from jail for dog rustling.


Sunday, 11 May 2008


Couldn't resist this for a solution!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Animal Traffic Jam

Hello again... Missed me? Good!

Rightio, new image for you. I've always wondered why animals aren't used more in city transport (no I haven't) and with the planet going the way it's going (down the crapper) will we return to domestic beasts for our commuting needs (no, because there's no space to keep animals in our suburban domiciles)?

You can tell I'm behind this concept one hundred per cent.

Also I'm not that convinced on my colour scheme. It's a little... off. Like Milk that's on the last day of it's "best before" date. Smells a bit but it must be ok because it's within date so you use it anyway?

Hey? Something put you off those shakes I just made you?

Where you going?

What do you mean Starbucks?

Monday, 5 May 2008

The Sting

This took ages...

I've been aware of the emphasis I've been putting on the time it takes me to do things.

"Why's that Reeko? Iz it 'cos you're, like, well lazy innit?"

Pretty much ya. Well, not lazy. I just want things to be done really quickly so I can move on to the next thing. I don't really think that's lazy, just impatient. Also I tend to start second guessing myself as images drag on. Your mind tends to wander whilst you click away, drawing and dragging shapes around in Flash and evil thoughts dredge themselves up and force their way into their frontal lobes...

(Whisper) "You are rubbish"

(Whisper) "This is a complete waste of time"

(Whisper) "You need to put on a dark wash"

So over the 5 days this Illustration took (Really! Most involved thing I've done since college!) I essentially went slightly strange.

And then I built a shed. No kidding. Most of the parts didn't fit.

"Iz that, like a metaphor or somink for, like, life?"

No. I built a shed with my old man. We had to do quite a bit of fabrication on it because it was badly designed.

"Oh. Slick."

Thanks bruv. My calves hurt now.

"Oh. Iz that da metaphor?"


Friday, 2 May 2008

Seed Some Time

I'd love to be able to grow more time. This week seems to have flown by with productivity lacking somewhat... a couple more days this week would really sort me out!