Thursday, 31 May 2007

Indie Schmindies at Gigs

So I go to gigs. London is awesome for gigs and I go to them quite a lot. I could watch a band any time, anywhere, even if they suck (!), and I like so many of the trappings that come with going to gigs that I could rabbit on about this subject for many, many hours. But I won't! At least not now.

So, one of the many things I like about gigs is the clothes my fellow gig goers are wearing. Night before the night before last (OK, so, you know, Tuesday) I went to see a band called "My Sad Captains" with some friends. Check 'em out on myspace or whatever as, although not my cup o'tea, the crowd went crazy all the way through and they have a very distinctive sound, are super cool super fun and have a new single out that has had gushing reviews. However, as I found them a bit dull, I was paying more attention to the people around me! I got home, and slightly inebriated, sketched a guy and gal down. The guy's better than the gal, who may possibly be pregnant or may just be a bit of a crappy sketch! The kind of girl who's body type I hate seeing when I'm sitting down on the tube as I'm not sure whether they are or aren't pregnant and so when I offer them my seat I normally get a dirty look like, "Why? Do you think I look pregnant?" or "Why the hell have you been looking at me strangely for 3 minutes, of course I'm damn well pregnant, get the hell up!". I think they should wear big signs above their heads, just to help me out! But then, maybe everyone should...

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

What I Did Over the Weekend

So, as part of my new Illustration drive I have remade my website to highlight this Blog and just showcase my best images. All my Graphic Design work will move to my new venture, . You can go check it out if you like, but there ain't much point as it's just a pic and a email address at the mo. Soon, however, it will be an all singing, all dancing web and print design site with links, updates and all that jazz.

So, please go take a gander if you got 5 minutes (and it really will be 5 minutes!) and let me know what you think. Oh yeah, you'll probably want the address too,

Now that's all dealt with, I can crack on with making images!

Monday, 28 May 2007

Big Cold Wet Brains

Brian's brains. I always have trouble spelling "brains" and it always makes me look like a fool if I decide to say that I have "a big Brian". Ooops.

So the weather here in London is crappy. No, worse than crappy, it's downright hideous. It's 11 degrees out there. At the end of MAY. We Brits may get attacked for talking about the weather a lot but COME AND LIVE HERE! You'll how interesting it is talking about the weather as its absolutely random. Coming to live here? Invest in a range of coats, that's what I say!

So I guess I should be illustrating about the weather... well maybe I will! But for now I give you the "big Brian with big brains" drawing. It's part of series on CV's that I'm working on at the moment. The caption will read "Whoever's CV is the heaviest has the biggest brains". It'll make sense when you see the rest I promise!

Ok, I'd better start my "Learn Greek tape". Oh and I've nearly finished re-doing my website! But not quite yet... I'll post it when it's done. Happy holidays!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Hey Fishy Fishy

Yes Sir, today has been a bumper creative day! This is what I've been doing since the last post, all in Photoshop, all awesome if I do say so myself! You know with all these fun and games I actually forgot I was at work. It really reminded me of my freelance days, messing around with illustrations, emailing people and generally enjoying myself. "What's this image about?" I hear you cry! Dunno really is the answer. It started off being about 'Big fish, small pond" or some such nonsense, but I guess you could add whatever connotations you like to it. That is often the way with the best images, you see what you're looking for.

In case you were wondering...

...there really is nothing going on at work today!

I work in a print shop. Apparently the whole trade in London is dead at the moment. Some places haven't had anything for a couple months now. We're not that bad, but we certainly haven't had anything all week. That's not the reason I started this blog but it's certainly the reason for all the posts! Some people are blaming the political uncertainty in this country or people being on holiday but me, well, I don't have a clue! Not a Scooby! And honestly I ain't bothered. It's just a blip and I'm quite happy keeping my head down, working on some images and writing this stuff...

This image is a sketch I pulled from a corner of my current sketchbook and coloured up in photoshop mainly because this page is already looking a little colourless! The TV head guy is actually a creature from another planet, believe it or not. The full story I'm working on at the moment. I may well post part one of it soon. I was going to save it but hey! Boredem does funny things to you!

Back in the Saddle

So, this is how it works. I'm warming up to the blogging, so I thought I'd explain how I warm up to draw. By returning to something comfortable, practiced and easy! People!

Now I say easy, it's not really. And easy also implies that I've nailed it. I haven't, not by a long stretch. In fact I'm only just getting started on it having been at the task for nearly all of my 26 years. A tutor at university told me once he'd spent 40 years drawing trees and still hadn't found a satisfactory way to do it. Kind of explained his hair cut I must admit...

This is really how it works. I open the book, pick up the pen, start at the face. Why? It's the first thing you look at when you look at people, unless you're an ass or boob man. From face to hair to neck to shoulders to body and so on. Pen scribbling, fast and furious. Fingers communicating with the hand, telling the brain where to move next. (This isn't scientifically how my body works, by the by. I'm no medical marvel!)

This guy happened around an oval. I was drawing the guy below, who I'd seen that afternoon, in bar or on the tube or somewhere. He'd been much more interesting to look at in real life and I was unhappy with my drawing of him. But that's the way it often goes! Move on man! New pastures! Next one will be the one! Whilst sketching him my pen flicked up an oval on the right hand page so I built a sketch around it, pushing out the arm and legs in a twist turn of sorts, adding a screaming mouth and rakish 'tashe. The kind all the Aussie's who frequent my local boozer seem to be sporting. I did want to "check" his shirt but I figured that'd spoil the flow. Gotta know when to stop...

This was the first sketch of these three. I've stuck it in the middle. Helpful, huh?! The guy I saw on the tube! You're still with me! I know you are!

The guy below I drew whilst watching TV, probably "100 greatest stupidest purchases of the rich and famous, volume 27". He might be a "Celebrity", he may just be "Some Guy". He's a pretty fluid guy though, I kinda like him. Now I come to look at him again, maybe he's the guy for "Razorlight"... Does it matter? No...

Ok, I'm going to write less next time. This is supposed to be about the pics, not my ranting.

I'll get better, promise.


Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A First Step...

...begins with a good image and not a fat lot to say!

So, I'm a creative soul. I design uncreative print work by day in a print shop in the City of London (where the banks are) and scribble and sketch and click late into the night. Now, I've spent 3 years procrastinating with my website so I'm hoping blogging with a standard format might force me to concentrate on my content, rather than the typography or layout of the damn site... We'll see.

So, this is plan, Stan! I'm going to stick up my scribblings and doodles as regularly as I can. We'll pick up background stuff on me as we go and hopefully we'll all enjoy the ride! So you want a little bit to be going on with? Ok, read the profile...