Thursday, 27 March 2008

How I Feel Today

Me woke up. Me draw. Me post. Ugg.

I had a booking that finished early, creative artworking stuff, and so I decided to go out last night, see a band, and have a couple jars.

Woke up this morning, a little heavy of head mainly due to the junk food I decided to consume at late o'clock last night. Really. Junk food makes me feel proper lousy, beer not so much. Sugar. That's the key. So, the first thing I did this morning (after coffee and good bye kisses) was pull out a sheet of rubbishy 80gsm, my pen and markers and produce this.

So there. Oh, and when I scanned it, I called the file "How I Feel Today" as I had to name it somefink. Nice. Might try this tomorrow as I'm working from home again.