Saturday, 17 November 2007


So I have a superstition. I fear that one day the ghosts of all the calamari I've ever eaten comes back to get me.

I love sea food, I love meat. I even love "Surf 'n' turf". I don't really get scared that in the afterlife there will be this army of creatures waiting for me to get their own back (what an image!). I am more than happy to get hands on with the meat that I eat and have gutted fish and like in my time.

However, I am aware that our society does use up more of our resources than we probably need to, and when you see pictures of conveyor belts with thousand of animals being shipped around sections of slaughterhouses one cannot help but think... really? Is that necessary?

Unfortunately we can't all live of farms, so... yes. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a moment of pause to consider what we eat.