Thursday, 1 November 2007

Junk Food

Ok, I'll come out and admit it. I love the Junk food. I love it in all it's cholesterol busting, horrible bits of animal, mono sodium glutamate crapness.

However, I don't eat it very often. Probably once a week I will have a burger or similar from a major chain or a kebab shop style establishment. See, I know junk food is absolute rubbish and I want to stay healthy. I exercise regularly and try to fit in my 5 a day fruit and veg. How do I start the day? With a smoothie bad boy! That's how I roll!

After my weekly relapse I tend to get junk food eater's remorse. See above image. I hope the big chains don't go bust, as many people do or that junk food doesn't completely disappear. I need my regressions! They make me feel human.