Monday, 4 June 2007

Recycling in stages- Stage 01 "The Sketch"

Ok, so I find "Illustration in stages" posts very interesting so I'm going to try one. I'm working on a new image in the evenings about my thoughts on recycling (see crazed scrawl under the thumbnail). The idea came to me one night whilst watching a debate on the issue on TV. I get pretty fed up with carefully washing up everything that possibly can be recycled and dutifully carrying my bags of stuff over to the designated bin when all around my flat giant office blocks have every single d*mn light on 24/7. So I sketched it down with my trusty Rotring fine tipped nib pen that I use for everything. I don't worry too much about anything at this stage, just getting the gist of the idea down and all the elements in. Everything else will happen in the computer.