Thursday, 31 May 2007

Indie Schmindies at Gigs

So I go to gigs. London is awesome for gigs and I go to them quite a lot. I could watch a band any time, anywhere, even if they suck (!), and I like so many of the trappings that come with going to gigs that I could rabbit on about this subject for many, many hours. But I won't! At least not now.

So, one of the many things I like about gigs is the clothes my fellow gig goers are wearing. Night before the night before last (OK, so, you know, Tuesday) I went to see a band called "My Sad Captains" with some friends. Check 'em out on myspace or whatever as, although not my cup o'tea, the crowd went crazy all the way through and they have a very distinctive sound, are super cool super fun and have a new single out that has had gushing reviews. However, as I found them a bit dull, I was paying more attention to the people around me! I got home, and slightly inebriated, sketched a guy and gal down. The guy's better than the gal, who may possibly be pregnant or may just be a bit of a crappy sketch! The kind of girl who's body type I hate seeing when I'm sitting down on the tube as I'm not sure whether they are or aren't pregnant and so when I offer them my seat I normally get a dirty look like, "Why? Do you think I look pregnant?" or "Why the hell have you been looking at me strangely for 3 minutes, of course I'm damn well pregnant, get the hell up!". I think they should wear big signs above their heads, just to help me out! But then, maybe everyone should...