Monday, 28 May 2007

Big Cold Wet Brains

Brian's brains. I always have trouble spelling "brains" and it always makes me look like a fool if I decide to say that I have "a big Brian". Ooops.

So the weather here in London is crappy. No, worse than crappy, it's downright hideous. It's 11 degrees out there. At the end of MAY. We Brits may get attacked for talking about the weather a lot but COME AND LIVE HERE! You'll how interesting it is talking about the weather as its absolutely random. Coming to live here? Invest in a range of coats, that's what I say!

So I guess I should be illustrating about the weather... well maybe I will! But for now I give you the "big Brian with big brains" drawing. It's part of series on CV's that I'm working on at the moment. The caption will read "Whoever's CV is the heaviest has the biggest brains". It'll make sense when you see the rest I promise!

Ok, I'd better start my "Learn Greek tape". Oh and I've nearly finished re-doing my website! But not quite yet... I'll post it when it's done. Happy holidays!