Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Plain Vectors

Ok, bit tenuous I know, but there's no chance of me doing anything cleverer for Illustration Friday this week.

This piece can be loosely linked to housing market stuff but was really done as a portfolio booster as I will be hitting the mean streets again fairly soon (as soon as I've been away on holiday and stopped procrastinating... early 2012 then!) as I need some more colourful, slick stuff. Hopefully this fits the bill!

Weather crappy again in London today which seems to fit the sad news about Heath Ledger. I was just reading about his new role as The Joker over breakfast. My condolences to his family. Strange how I feel compelled to write about a guy who I never knew. Funny how movie stars can provoke that feeling in people. We invite them into our living rooms so I suppose there's no reason why they shouldn't therefore become part of our lives. I guess it's also the "before his time" deal. Plenty of that going around too. All very sad.