Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Xmas Creativity

Why is it people and/or companies get all over excited around Christmas with their creativity?

I'm soon to be leaving my current position to go freelance. The kind of creativity my current job normally involves is picking new images of multi-racial happy, professional and productive co-working team members for corporate templates. Snore...

However, in the last month, these corporate brand managers have just gone nuts! I've been creating illustrations, animations, crazy party invites and all sorts of fun material to send around London town celebrating the winter solstice. I'm not sure why, but along with the office christmas parties, corporate jollies and various hilarity people get creative.

The above image is a classic example of this. A company wanted me to create some personalised parcel tags for all the boxes of Celebrations they were sending out to their clients. Awesome! Loads of fun with textures and brush tools later and another fun creative christmas creation.

Now why can't these guys be open minded and creative the rest of the year?