Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Girlfriend Backpack

Ok, I cheated a little... I did the "back" but not the "wards"!

I started this Illustration Friday theme at home, ran out of time, found some spare time at work, worked on another idea (the one above that I'll come on to in a sec), realised I would have no time to finish my original idea this week and so I decided to post this image instead, as loosely themed as it is!

Make sense? Yes, no..? Aaaall-righty-then!

The image above is based on a plan I had to make a "girlfriend backpack". I guess in these current climes we'd have to call it something else though, like a "Person Backpack" or a "Mobile Assisted Reverse Lumbar Partner Pack" or maybe a "Weaker Partner I-told-you-to-stop-complaining-so-I'll-just-bloody-well-carry-you Pack"

Check out the radio spot: "Have you ever been out shopping all day? Does your partner's choice of footwear hinder your excursions? Does your loved one's little legs tire easily? Well, worry no more! From Reeko, the company that brought you "The Boat Made of Cheese" and the "Monkey's Uncle" comes the device guaranteed to boost relationships the world over! For the introductory, one off, super sale price of £49.99, you too can enjoy the pleasure of man powered co-dependent transportation!"

Of course this sucks if you are the carrying partner. I'd recommend a strength test followed by a "Whinge-omoter" rating to see which partner should have to carry the other in times of stress. The whinge points would count against the strength points, so a excellent whinger who was a super weakling would always be carried. Of course in the event of a score draw there would be a certain number of steps (say 200) before the couple would have to swop places.

So what do you think? Ideal Xmas gift? Should I apply for a worldwide patent?

What's that? Back to the drawing board? Why you little...