Monday, 8 June 2009

A Tale of Two Backgrounds

Here's the inital thumbnail. I had a clear idea of where I was going with this image. What hadn't really crossed my mind was the background. I pushed on, developing the drawing and inking it.

Pleased with the resulting line drawing I jumped into Photoshop and begain to play with colour options. At first I went too bright, then messed around with colour options, initially thinking that a brightly coloured background would make things exciting and dynamic.

In practice, it didn't work. I tried three or four... ok, twelve options, and nothing was working. I loved my linework, but was nervous about leaving the drawing so open. I created another option with a cavernous background that looked a little James Bond-y and a little too... comic book-y. I like the comic book link in my illustration but not so it's pigeon-holed... Hmmm. Not really what I was going for...

After a long battle, I've settled for 2 finals! Hopefully in posting them I can get on with other things and not think about them again for a while. If you have an opinion on which one you like more, let me know!