Thursday, 10 July 2008

Washing Up

Some of you may be suprised to know that I, Reeko, have never owned, possessed or rented an automatic dishwasher in my entire adult life.

Rubbish, huh? I was thinking just the other night about the colossal waste of time this has been. Time perhaps to learn to play the jazz flute, write in mandarin or samba dance perhaps?

"So, why don't you get a dish washer then Mr Reeko, you lazy cheep illustration chimp?"

Well, Firstly there's no room in my 120 year old flat. Unless I put it in the centre of the kitchen. Maybe with a giant vase of flowers on top to disguise it. Maybe with those fake flowers that play guitar and rock out to music. Maybe they could rock with the machine. Sweet. Secondly my landlord is an annoying little...

Come now! Decorum! Especially with the whole interweb watching! What I really need to do is get myself a trained monkey!

Now, where's that copy of Yellow Pages? Let's see! Trained monkeys... T... Hey! Nobody's offering trained Monkeys! At last...!