Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Flip Flops

One thing London has in droves is tourists. Come rain or shine there they are, standing just the other side of the tube turnstyle deciding which way to go. Now I'm not complaining about tourists being lost, just their choice of place to stand to figure out which way to go.

Stand at the side!

Ahem. Moving on.

The reason why I'm shouting about this is because my work takes me to all the design agencies which are situated in tourist central, around the west end. Bullying my way through Covent Garden to get to another agency in this weather leaves me pretty hot and bothered.

However, I love doing what this girl is doing. People watching in the busiest, most central location I can find. Awesome. I love seeing people from all nationalities and creeds wandering around shopping and laughing, the big groups of students messing around, the London teenagers with the huge fake watches and thousands of gadgets, and the media kids wearing every latest trend all at once. My favourite game is trying to guess people's nationalities from their clothes and I gain an inordinate amount of pleasure from generally enjoying the vast diversity of the human condition.

Can't wait to get old so I can do it full time!