Monday, 5 May 2008

The Sting

This took ages...

I've been aware of the emphasis I've been putting on the time it takes me to do things.

"Why's that Reeko? Iz it 'cos you're, like, well lazy innit?"

Pretty much ya. Well, not lazy. I just want things to be done really quickly so I can move on to the next thing. I don't really think that's lazy, just impatient. Also I tend to start second guessing myself as images drag on. Your mind tends to wander whilst you click away, drawing and dragging shapes around in Flash and evil thoughts dredge themselves up and force their way into their frontal lobes...

(Whisper) "You are rubbish"

(Whisper) "This is a complete waste of time"

(Whisper) "You need to put on a dark wash"

So over the 5 days this Illustration took (Really! Most involved thing I've done since college!) I essentially went slightly strange.

And then I built a shed. No kidding. Most of the parts didn't fit.

"Iz that, like a metaphor or somink for, like, life?"

No. I built a shed with my old man. We had to do quite a bit of fabrication on it because it was badly designed.

"Oh. Slick."

Thanks bruv. My calves hurt now.

"Oh. Iz that da metaphor?"