Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Animal Traffic Jam

Hello again... Missed me? Good!

Rightio, new image for you. I've always wondered why animals aren't used more in city transport (no I haven't) and with the planet going the way it's going (down the crapper) will we return to domestic beasts for our commuting needs (no, because there's no space to keep animals in our suburban domiciles)?

You can tell I'm behind this concept one hundred per cent.

Also I'm not that convinced on my colour scheme. It's a little... off. Like Milk that's on the last day of it's "best before" date. Smells a bit but it must be ok because it's within date so you use it anyway?

Hey? Something put you off those shakes I just made you?

Where you going?

What do you mean Starbucks?