Monday, 28 April 2008

Sketchbook January to April 2008 Completed

Yup, all finished and done and just like my last one I have posted the entire thing, in page order, on my website.

It's the sort of thing I like to look at on t'internet, especially knowing it's in page order, so hopefully you lot will enjoy it too.

The other thing I do with sketchbooks, possibly showing a slightly more organised side of me than I actually am, is label all the file names with exactly what's on the pages so when I search through my "archive" of sketchbooks, seven now spanning 3 years, hopefully I'll be able to find that sketch of a space dog killing aliens with a robot crab or whatever...

My favourite file name from this book? "36 Monkey on my back drunk in club tongue tied birth to death.JPG". I think that pretty much covers the whole spectrum of human emotion.

Oh, that's this image.

Back in the office this week, so hopefully more posting than there's been of late.