Sunday, 28 October 2007

TV vs Film

Now, I'll be honest here, this image has been a right old pain in the...

Designed to accompany a piece on the current state of TV and Film (no, really?) The rough (see right) I really liked. It's full of dynamism and life. The image is true to the sketch in composition but the elements don't work as well as the drawing. Once again I forced myself to stop playing around with it thanks to the saviour that is time constraints but I am left ultimately highly unsatisfied. I had hope posting the image would help but it doesn't seem to.

I have been struggling with the relationship between my drawings and my collage of late. I really want to find a way to match the two up and sometimes I crack it but more often than not recently I've been missing.

I'm going to do some angry ink drawings. That'll help.