Monday, 6 August 2007

Death Train

I'm going through an old sketchbook at the moment, scanning all the pages to add to my sketchbook archive (I know, pretty geeky, right? But hey! This is stock! I'm an Illustrator! You wouldn't knock a bean can salesman for doing a stock take of beans would you? Oh, you would. Hey, just because he's a bean salesman doesn't mean he's a bit stinky, either! I mean it's not like I'm covered in paint and ink... Oh.

Right. The sketch. Drawn at a time when I was doing a really long commute for a few months I would sit and draw on the train. This one of those sketches. I guess British Rail was having a crappy moment... again. Also filed under the heading of "good ideas I never got around to finishing up". I think I might shove it a few places up the list. Stay tuned...