Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Spaceships and Flowers

I've been very busy of late and so have been neglecting the old Sketchblog. This image is for a thank you card, one heck of a tricky subject. I wonder why people always put flowers on thank you cards? I guess it's like sending flowers but with the advantage of costing a whole lot less and a card never wilts and dies, unless you put a flame too close...

For my flower card (and being me) I couldn't just leave it at that. I had to add in a bunch of spaceships! It comes from a 1960's Superman story I remember from my Dad's old comic annuals where Superman meets a tiny alien in a corn field. Superman helps the alien escape earth as he's so tiny he keeps crashing his spaceship into leaves and various other small things. Much like "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", really!

Whilst researching this subject I also ran into a bunch of conspiracy theories based around the Nazis building flying saucers. Boy did those Nazis get around! What with all those supernatural experiments I keep reading about in Hellboy it's a wonder they ever had time to play with flying saucers, let alone invade most of Europe!

Ok, I'll stop now.