Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Reworking The Bull

Now this one has been bugging me for some time. About 2 years ago... more maybe... I was messing around in Flash and created the top vector bull image that's displayed below (top, below... you know what I mean!). Now, It's been bugging me ever since. I messed around with the colours, the tones, the proportions, it wouldn't get ...right. My recent work has been much more collage-y and tonal and I thought it was high time to give the bull another whirl. I created a background (not posted, in case you think your missing an image) and dropped the vector bull over him. I liked the background, the way it was going but not the bull! So tonight I've redrawn him in pen. I think it's a real step forward, there's so much more life and movement in the drawing. I'll drop him in and depending on how it looks, post the result! (probably tomorrow now, man I'm cream-crackered...)