Monday, 18 July 2011

The Ballad of Frank Sartre

Panel art from "The Ballad of Frank Sartre", Artwork produced in Manga Studio

For the best part of the last two years, in my downtime, evenings and weekends, I have been working on an original graphic novel, "The Ballad of Frank Sartre". On Friday we launched a website to publish the entire book, online for free, in 4 page instalments. Below is the blurb with a little more detail about the story.

THE BALLAD OF FRANK SARTRE - By James Peaty & James Reekie

"What have you done?"

Washed up club singer FRANK SARTRE is in the grip of depression. A depression fuelled by haunting, recurring dreams of a girl. A girl that holds the key to so many answers… yet seems forever out of reach.

As Frank fumbles around the surreal city of COSMOPOLIS, desperately trying to resurrect his career and find meaning, a mysterious killer is on the loose, terrifying the freaks and oddities that populate the metropolis. Intrepid reporter SAM PARADISE has smelt a connection, but can he join the dots between Frank and the killer before it's too late?

The Ballad of Frank Sartre is a original graphic novel, recommended for mature audiences, that will be published in it's entirety for free online every Friday on starting on Friday 15th July.

Please do go check the website out and have a great week!