Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Crop from "Yoga", artwork in Manga Studio

I had the pleasure of receiving this private commission from a client and friend who wanted an illustration of his girlfriend for her birthday. She is a yoga instructor and he wanted an image of her in mid pose, perhaps on a beach or a fantasy location. I knocked up some roughs based on some holiday snaps he sent over and we settled on a fictional studio overlooking a sea view.

Roughs for "Yoga", artwork in Manga Studio

I drew the image straight into the computer using Manga Studio's "pencil" tool for a softer feel. I painted the beach in using a lot of white to keep the image nice and clean and then added the "Studio" tones over the top.

Progress of "Yoga", artwork in Manga Studio

"Yoga", artwork in Manga Studio

Thats it! Have a great week!