Monday, 26 April 2010

Back2Hell and SciFi Art Now

Thumbnails for "Back2Hell", House of Fear 2010

Those who follow me on twitter will know that I have been signed on to produce a comic book adaption of a film currently in production, "Back2Hell", written and directed by Richard Driscoll. The film is currently in production (at Richard's studio House of Fear) and I will have to work like a man possessed to get the book done by the film release date.

I have also signed on to produce the prequel and sequel to "Back2Hell", so I better get used to noir horror lighting, blood splats, extreme violence and femme fatales!

SciFi Art Now
In more good news I've had this image accepted for SciFi Art Now, an art book featuring a wide range of SciFi art from established and new artists from across the globe edited by John Freeman.

The book is due for a October release both here in the UK and in the US and you can pre-order it here.

Any who, I got a film to adapt and better get my skates on!

Have a great week!