Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Silent Planet Cover

Pitch cover for "The Silent Planet" By Paul J. Salamoff. Lineart in Manga Studio, colour in Photoshop.

First things first, I am now back in the UK for the time being and in the process of flat hunting in London. All very exciting but moving and trying to keep a full time work schedule is pretty challenging. I've become very accustomed to the nomadic lifestyle over the last 6 months and am well versed in grabbing a few hours work whenever I can and wherever I am.

The image above is a cover for a pitch of "The Silent Planet" by Paul J. Salamoff, (you can see some page art here) which is being pitched next week so everyone please keep fingers crossed for that. It's an excellent script and I really hope the project will get the green light. More news on that when I get it.

Have a great week!