Monday, 11 January 2010

Steampunk Fun

If it's not too late, welcome one and all to 2010, I hope you all had a wonderful festive period. For my first post of the new decade I delved into my shiny brand new "Illustration 2010" folder to find... this image and this only!

This image was a bit of fun I knocked up at the end of last year. Amongst many of the plans and schemes I have for the year ahead is some pin up concept work and this is the equivalent of me flexing my muscles in preparation.

When creating an image like this I browse through reference imagery thinking about the story, who are the characters, why would they be in the scene and what's happened before or after the snapshot in time. Without thinking the story through I can't make pose or costume decisions or anything really! This is a good starting place but I can't wait to crack on with more ambitious work! Oh and I also have to make apologetic nods to the fantastic artists who heavily inspired this, Ashley Wood & Mathieu Lauffray.

Digital pencils, Manga Studio

Digital pencils and inks, Manga Studio

Final image, colour in Photoshop