Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Promo Card Inside – Scrapped

So, I've been working on this promotional card around other projects. As is traditional with me on my own promotional stuff, mainly due to the nature of the wonderful rarity of not having a client, I tend to change my mind a lot. This card being no exception, I had a better idea the second I finished the artwork.

Oh well, at least I got two new nice pieces out of it! Here's the inside of the now scrapped card.

And the outside.

For the graphic designers in the audience it was to be a 6 page roll fold DL card, so tall and thin and folded into itself, like a menu, to go into a standard envelope. I still might do it, just not now.

Reason why I scrapped it? Not really very "Christmasy" is it?! I'll post the art for the new one tomorrow.