Sunday, 1 June 2008


(Put on all black clothing, cut chunks out of beard, dig out army boots, attach red scarves to various parts of body)

"So, er, ya. The theme of "baby" can actually, you know, symbolise my entire output of the late early part of 2006-8 apart from the three months I spent brainstorming with vast numbers of people about the theme of intense isolation."

"Right. So how does this piece fit in with that?"

"Well, er, if you had, you know, read my 30,000 word overview statement of the collection followed by each piece's individual 100,000 word synopsis followed by the 10 hour documentary I shot on 35mm black and white film in a language of my own devising I think you'd find everything's pretty clear. Or a least in certain shades of grey..."

"Ok, you know what else is pretty clear?"

"I dearly hope you are going to say the infinite possibility of the colour sub-red and it's attachment to inner city meta culture?"

"Nope, but I know now exactly where your head is firmly placed."

"Would you like to write my biography? You seem to understand me completely..."